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17 December 2012

New Year's/ New Age Resolutions

As the year winds down and we roll up to not just the New Year but a New Age (whatever you interpret that to be), it is worth considering ways that you or I can adjust our lives to improve the world for the better. With enough of us committing to positive change, a critical threshold /video/ can be reached, and our efforts may be realized within the succeeding generations. 

Committing to take steps NOW that promote freedom, justice, love, truth, and harmony with our fellow wo/man holds the greatest promise for breaking the cycle of repeating our forefathers's follies. We cannot forget that many of our fathers and mothers did everything they could with our benefit in mind. Unfortunately, all too often have their collective efforts been misguided and caused more harm than good to life on earth. Instead of continuing this cycles of self-destruction, why not break it and move humanity in a direction that we can proudly tell younger generations, "I helped make this happen." Worst case scenario: we fail. But at least we'll be able to say "I was part of the solution. I tried my best."

As you browse the following list of New Year's/ New Age resolutions think to yourself, "How can I be part of the solution?". Even if only one or two of the items below resonate with you, stick to them and you will be helping yourself and others more than you know.

New Year's/ New Age Resolutions
1. Turn Off the TV -  it's riddled w/ deliberate disinformation that plagues your mind.

2. Do everything you can to Get Out of Debt - it is the key to your un-enslavement.

3. Stop Buying Stupid, Useless Crap - live within your means; true wealth does not equate to amassed material possessions.

4. Be Consumer Conscious - you vote for the future with what you support in the marketplace. Think about what you buy and how it is made.

5. Buy Local - support the economic resilience of your neighbourhood and local farms.

6. Live Healthy - you'll feel better if you exercise frequently (even if it's just walking!) and remember, you are what you eat/drink.

Other possible ideas that you may want to support are further outlined at:

*If you have any further resolution suggestions that meet this general criteria, please share them in the comment section below!

Good luck!

8 November 2012

What I Have Learned & Think Everyone Should Know

Redeeming your freedom is a multi-faceted undertaking. It requires understanding your world as best you can by awakening and exercising your physical, mental and spiritual being. I wish to share the following conceptual tools that I hope will prove helpful if and when you decide to redeem your freedom - hopefully that's right now! 

This is a process that each individual must take on for themselves. Your individual freedom is limited to the extent that you are trusted to make important life choices. If you cannot learn to be self-reliant and responsible for your actions, you will not be trusted to make choices. Here are five of the most important things I believe everyone interested in freedemption should be familiar with.

Please note that none of this should be construed as legal advice. It is merely the opinion I have adopted from independently researching this broad topic. Please enlighten me if I'm wrong.

20 September 2012

The Toronto Hearings on 9/11

The Toronto Hearings on 9/11
I first started questioning the official 9/11 story more than 5 years after the horrific attacks took place. Whatever worldly understanding I thought I had at the time ceased to exist after I was exposed to films like Zeitgeist & Loose Change. 

Once I started down this path, it felt like nothing I had ever learned mattered. If the official 9/11 story was a hoax, what else could the government be lying to us about, right? I quickly fell in line with a "fuck the system" attitude at that point - an easy step from my high school days "this is stupid" attitude.  Nothing but partying until I blacked out could distract me from questioning why we keep buying into this system that, for lack of a better phrase, sucks shit. And I must say, my opinion of the world has not changed much over time. (I have however embraced a healthier lifestyle).

Eleven years after 9/11, and I believe every consecutive year, another look at what happened that day is in order. The Toronto Hearings on 9/11 has been uploaded to the internet for everyone to view. So don't be shy. Check it out. This is NOT a 'conspiracy theorist' movie. Those who lost loved ones talk about their efforts and difficulty in finding out the truth from the government. Experts, including engineers, give their analyses and criticisms of the official story via power point presentations. It is roughly 4.5 hours of video footage but scanning through it and listening to a few 5-10 minute segments is enough to get a sufficient understanding.

The Toronto Hearings on 9/11 

31 August 2012

War on Drugs: What is it good for?

Roughly 50 years since the introduction of the drug control system we find ourselves in today, worldwide regulation of illegal drugs has been found to be largely ineffective.  This understanding has led the Global Commission on Drug Policy to push for national leaders to bring the discussion of drug policy back to the table. In particular, they stress that illicit drug use can no longer be treated as a criminal offence (and it probably never should have been).

The GCDP has been clear in its message to the international community:  “The global war on drugs has failed, with devastating consequences for individuals and societies around the world."

7 July 2012

It's Funny Reflecting on the State

Comedy is a great way to say what most of us have a hard time saying. It's the laughter that makes people feel comfortable and brings us together when perhaps we otherwise wouldn't. Creating a venue for laughs provides a place where pretty much anything goes, something uncommon of other social venues. Nobody needs to get upset because jokes are not to be taken seriously (at least that's the cover) and there are no expectations of an audience but to listen and - if it's funny - laugh and enjoy.

What does comedy have to do with redeeming your freedom? Not much. But consider this... Humour might just be the perfect medium to allow people to realize how crazy our system really is and how we need to change it for the better! [VIDS TO FOLLOW!]

18 May 2012

Is Ron Paul the Answer?

[Edit 07/12] Whether Ron Paul's policies are deserving of more praise or criticism is debatable. The bottom line is that the time to act is right NOW and America is in dire need of a mass awakening and evolution. This nation, that traditionally stands for freedom and prosperity, needs to set a good example for a change so that other nations may be invited to follow suit in confidence, rather than being coerced to submissively cooperate. 

Personally, I believe that the change we need for a better future rests in each and every one of us. Our good will manifests itself in every thought, speech, and (in)action we make. But if you think the change we need rests in the hands of politicians, consider what podcaster & mainstream celebrity Joe Rogan has to say about Ron Paul:
This presidential candidate has made a BIG impact on countless Americans and many others around the world because of the hope and inspiration that spurs from the man's potential to drastically change the direction of US politics.

5 April 2012

In Otherwise Grim State, Zday 2012 Provides Optimism

It is not hard to understand why some people take solace in blissful ignorance. The amount of accessible doom-ridden information depicting the oppression of human rights and freedoms throughout history is disheartening to say the least. Mind you, any truth seeker has surely come to realize that going back to a sheltered, dependent state of mind is futile once a certain threshold of consciousness is transcended. Yes, the enormous hurtles humanity must jump in order to get anywhere may leave the most confident of us feeling hopeless and depressed but there is light on the horizon, a silver lining on the clouds.

Though initially expecting more doom and gloom attending ZDay 2012, I did in fact encounter quite a bit of optimism. The Zeitgeist Movement's annual event promotes awareness of new paradigm developments while reflecting on our current system's degradation. Highlighted below are the event's first three lecturers who spoke on technological advancement, the education paradigm and human survival logistics.

11 March 2012

Freeman-on-the-land hits CBC's The National

(NEW LINK 04-18-2012, SEE AT BOTTOM)
In spite of strong negative undertones that riddle CBC's feature investigation put out this past month, Finding the Freemen does its part in directing public attention toward a group of individuals that are currently challenging our understanding of the government's overall legitimacy. 

8 February 2012

A Question of Sovereignty: Why all the violence?

After a recent article was brought to my attention, I feel the need to clear things up for those of you how are uncertain about the value of Freedemption. Highlighted in the article are concerns from the FBI who label 'sovereign citizens' as a group of violent individuals that do not recognize the authority of the government or its agencies. Though I would not entirely disagree with the second part of that statement, sovereignty within the context of Freedemption is not defined by violence.

Generalizing "sovereign citizens" as "sovereign killers" is a vain attempt by the 'authorities' to try and get it into our heads that anyone sovereign-minded besides themselves is a dangerous psychopath. You can see their desperation when they need to demonize an entire movement, regardless of its potential value to society, by making a billboard of the wrongdoings of these select cop killers. More of a nightmare offshoot of the Patriot Movement, this father and son may have been on the right track for their critical view of the government but it is obvious that their hearts were not in the right place.

2 January 2012

'Freedemption' & Thoughts Toward Commercial Relationships

As mentioned in December 2011's post, I would like to group all the movements featured on this site and create for them a blanket title: The Freedemption Movement, or simply put, the phenomenon I like to call freedemption. What draws me to Freedemption is that it is peaceful, voluntary and requires no specific approach to personal empowerment, but rather a realization and seeking out of remedy that already exists.