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8 February 2012

A Question of Sovereignty: Why all the violence?

After a recent article was brought to my attention, I feel the need to clear things up for those of you how are uncertain about the value of Freedemption. Highlighted in the article are concerns from the FBI who label 'sovereign citizens' as a group of violent individuals that do not recognize the authority of the government or its agencies. Though I would not entirely disagree with the second part of that statement, sovereignty within the context of Freedemption is not defined by violence.

Generalizing "sovereign citizens" as "sovereign killers" is a vain attempt by the 'authorities' to try and get it into our heads that anyone sovereign-minded besides themselves is a dangerous psychopath. You can see their desperation when they need to demonize an entire movement, regardless of its potential value to society, by making a billboard of the wrongdoings of these select cop killers. More of a nightmare offshoot of the Patriot Movement, this father and son may have been on the right track for their critical view of the government but it is obvious that their hearts were not in the right place.