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18 May 2012

Is Ron Paul the Answer?

[Edit 07/12] Whether Ron Paul's policies are deserving of more praise or criticism is debatable. The bottom line is that the time to act is right NOW and America is in dire need of a mass awakening and evolution. This nation, that traditionally stands for freedom and prosperity, needs to set a good example for a change so that other nations may be invited to follow suit in confidence, rather than being coerced to submissively cooperate. 

Personally, I believe that the change we need for a better future rests in each and every one of us. Our good will manifests itself in every thought, speech, and (in)action we make. But if you think the change we need rests in the hands of politicians, consider what podcaster & mainstream celebrity Joe Rogan has to say about Ron Paul:
This presidential candidate has made a BIG impact on countless Americans and many others around the world because of the hope and inspiration that spurs from the man's potential to drastically change the direction of US politics.
Despite critiques of Ron Paul's libertarian views that flood what alt media journalist Dan Dicks calls the 'lame-stream media', the old man carries on with the sincere promise to end big government and the Fed as we know it. I, for one, see no other candidate in any political party so truly devoted to We the People. 

If miraculously elected, what his envisioned minimization of government would mean for America is anyone’s guess. How it would affect the rest of the world is another story entirely. What is certain, is that Ron Paul's foreign and domestic policy would create massive global change - something a fellow American told me America is not ready for. 

Even if that is true, rarely are people prepared to embrace change. That prospect that people aren't ready shouldn't deter the rest of us from preparing for the challenges that lie ahead. Plus, the longer we wait for everyone to get nice and comfortable with change, the less attention we can put towards building a better tomorrow immediately

Without profoundly reshaping the cultures of our world,  the future looks very unfriendly indeed. The military industrial complex and global financial warfare have seen to 'securing' our quality of life thus far. I hope by now, most of us realize that re-fueling this train wreck of a system is not getting us anywhere that we can honestly be proud of. 

As the world economy shakily stands on its last leg - kind of like Mustafa in Austin Powers - it's starting to drag everyone's accustomed way of life down with it. It's time to say bye-bye to the meaningless material wealth we have been conditioned to surround ourselves with. It's time to re-learn our intimate connection to the earth and with all life living on it. It's time to stop forcing our views onto others because anyone with any sense knows how little they truly know and therefore how little right they have in bossing others around. 

...This leads me to a branch of freedemption that has drawn my focus and I see making serious waves in society: Anarcho-capitalism 

Stefan Molyneux, a notable modern-day philosopher from Canada, seems to doubt that Ron Paul is the answer to America's troubles. It's not to say that he thinks Ron Paul is a bad guy... it's because Molyneux and those of his philosophical position think that any government is bad! In other words, STATISM is the problem itself and in its place, voluntarism guided by the non-aggression principle should guide the ways that humans conduct themselves in society.

In conclusion...
I hope nobody thinks the answer to all our problems lies solely with one man or woman. Even if you think Ron Paul is remarkably intelligent, outspoken, and has a pragmatic approach to dealing with the failing economy and demise of our individual freedoms, saving our souls is left to each and every one of us. 

Until next time... If you refuse to have an open mind, stand true to your beliefs. Just don't force others to believe them too. 

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