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2 January 2012

'Freedemption' & Thoughts Toward Commercial Relationships

As mentioned in December 2011's post, I would like to group all the movements featured on this site and create for them a blanket title: The Freedemption Movement, or simply put, the phenomenon I like to call freedemption. What draws me to Freedemption is that it is peaceful, voluntary and requires no specific approach to personal empowerment, but rather a realization and seeking out of remedy that already exists.
Because Freedemption is an educational movement, there is a need for shared venues that allow for endless contribution and investigation that will work toward defining the characteristics of this growing global movement. This is one reason why What We Ain't Learning [former blog title] was created and why I have chosen the unifying name (freedemption) for, but not limited to, my reporting purposes. If you think this title will help you in anyway, please feel free to use it. 
What you should gather from viewing the blog’s links is that there is a growing conglomeration of conscious minds reestablishing the power they have in shaping their world; the power we all have in shaping our lives. This same power comes from how responsibly we handle our affairs. 

Relationships define our lives
The ability to effectively engage in relationships (commercial or otherwise) evidences the level at which one is in control of their path in life. After all, what dictates our day to day schedules more than the engagements with others we find ourselves in? It may go without saying that we should hold important relationships in the highest respect and free from external limitations acting against them. In order to do so, we may have to limit or let go of certain persons or parties that threaten our more favoured, loving and life-giving relationships. Of course, there are some relationships that are difficult to distance yourself from and will come back to haunt you if proper action is not taken, for example our relationship with the government. 

Our relationship with the government
The government and other institutional facilities may not be sympathetic to a lifestyle that disallows them a middle man role. In other words, governments seek to control every part of our lives. The amount you let others be apart of everything you do is your business and in your power to enforce. However, willfully removing yourself from the grid entirely (and theoretically from government control) will likely result in a governmental confrontation at some point. This is because you already have at least one contract with them - that being your *birth certificate* from which all other contracts were made possible. Your birth certificate can be seen as the government's ticket for you to participate in commerce and affiliating yourself with this document opens up countless opportunities for more contracts to be thrown your way (e.g., energy, health, phone/cable etc.). 

How to deal with the government
Regardless how you feel about the government, let us consider the ways that one can choose to interact with a body trying to govern our lives such as the legislative, executive, and judicial constituents of our parliamentary system.
Before I go any further, I'd like to clarify that if you are trying to cause harm to anybody in your thoughts or actions, you are not in the right mindset for the law to be on your side.
*When any government agency tries to contact you, ignoring them is not honourable because your birth certificate allows for the presumption of your interest in their business (with you). Actively remove their presumptions may be the only way of clarifying who you are if you are not interested in their offers and want to be left alone. 
*Another option is to dispute a charge held against your person. However, acting adversarially will likely not allow you the success you are looking for as the(ir) dispute process is arduous, flawed and not in your favour. Even if you can prove the government has harmed you, their courts (their jurisdiction) do not tend to rule in your favour. 
*The most honourable remedy I have come across lies in providing notice that you respectfully decline participating in matters that do not concern you. Unless you cause harm, loss, or fraud there are NO LAWS requiring that you obey anyone but yourself. In other words, you have the power to be governed by your own rules of which they have ZERO enforceable say. Realizing the inherent power in yourself is half the battle. 
You may also decide to give officials notice before anything happens – just as a precautionary measure – or as soon as a confrontation unfolds. This can help to show that you are working to resolve any issues and that you are taking responsibility of your affairs (i.e. they do not have to take care of your affairs for you because you are no longer a child). Unfortunately, until you let them know that you’re not playing their game, many agents in uniform expect that you will and must act according to the rules they are trying to enforce. Therefore, you have to make your position very clear while ensuring them that there is no reason to be threatened by your uncompliance.

For more information on turning down provocateurs' offers, check out Dean Clifford and Robert Menard. Also, check out the first 5 minutes of this Brandon Adams video to get a better understanding of where you find yourself in the relationships you're invested in - are you a debtor or creditor?

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