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7 July 2012

It's Funny Reflecting on the State

Comedy is a great way to say what most of us have a hard time saying. It's the laughter that makes people feel comfortable and brings us together when perhaps we otherwise wouldn't. Creating a venue for laughs provides a place where pretty much anything goes, something uncommon of other social venues. Nobody needs to get upset because jokes are not to be taken seriously (at least that's the cover) and there are no expectations of an audience but to listen and - if it's funny - laugh and enjoy.

What does comedy have to do with redeeming your freedom? Not much. But consider this... Humour might just be the perfect medium to allow people to realize how crazy our system really is and how we need to change it for the better! [VIDS TO FOLLOW!]

Comedic expression critiques social and political trends. It pokes fun at certain stupid people, even if they have power. It also shows how stupid we all are sometimes. 

While you enjoy these movie clips, think about what they say about society and the world.

National Security/ War on Terror 

The 'Law' / War on Drugs

This type of comedy is probably inapplicable to legislative processes but I believe it is still a platform for positive change. I say this because the comedy expressed in the preceding clips seems more and more like the reality unfolding today. These fictitious scenes are based on reality and--exaggerated though they may be-- they influence and help construct our collective system of values. These expressed ideas are reinforced every time they're shared and retold by others. And most wonderfully of all, they bring people together through laughter... Laughter, being the best opponent to fear. 

Spreading ideas such as these highlights many societal problems  and, at the very least, challenges their overall legitimacy. In a real world situation, challenging a police officer could fuel a heated debate, even violence. But suspending our belief within a parody takes away much of the tension while keeping the relevance of the issues on the top of our minds. 

In sum, do not underestimate the power that of a good laugh. It can bring even bitter enemies together, even for a moment. 

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