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17 December 2012

New Year's/ New Age Resolutions

As the year winds down and we roll up to not just the New Year but a New Age (whatever you interpret that to be), it is worth considering ways that you or I can adjust our lives to improve the world for the better. With enough of us committing to positive change, a critical threshold /video/ can be reached, and our efforts may be realized within the succeeding generations. 

Committing to take steps NOW that promote freedom, justice, love, truth, and harmony with our fellow wo/man holds the greatest promise for breaking the cycle of repeating our forefathers's follies. We cannot forget that many of our fathers and mothers did everything they could with our benefit in mind. Unfortunately, all too often have their collective efforts been misguided and caused more harm than good to life on earth. Instead of continuing this cycles of self-destruction, why not break it and move humanity in a direction that we can proudly tell younger generations, "I helped make this happen." Worst case scenario: we fail. But at least we'll be able to say "I was part of the solution. I tried my best."

As you browse the following list of New Year's/ New Age resolutions think to yourself, "How can I be part of the solution?". Even if only one or two of the items below resonate with you, stick to them and you will be helping yourself and others more than you know.

New Year's/ New Age Resolutions
1. Turn Off the TV -  it's riddled w/ deliberate disinformation that plagues your mind.

2. Do everything you can to Get Out of Debt - it is the key to your un-enslavement.

3. Stop Buying Stupid, Useless Crap - live within your means; true wealth does not equate to amassed material possessions.

4. Be Consumer Conscious - you vote for the future with what you support in the marketplace. Think about what you buy and how it is made.

5. Buy Local - support the economic resilience of your neighbourhood and local farms.

6. Live Healthy - you'll feel better if you exercise frequently (even if it's just walking!) and remember, you are what you eat/drink.

Other possible ideas that you may want to support are further outlined at:

*If you have any further resolution suggestions that meet this general criteria, please share them in the comment section below!

Good luck!

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