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8 December 2011

Narrowing my focus

After some constructive feedback I’ve found that for What We Ain’t Learning (blog's former title) to be the greatest possible promoter of self-empowerment, the blog must undergo a process of specialization. The extent of material I initially wanted to present covers too many subjects for me to report on effectively. 
So, what is the most pivotal theme for me to bring out of the shadows and into the spotlight? What is the most positive message I can share that could inspire even one of you to start looking deeper into what we've all been missing?
I have come across a movement that concentrates on an alternative way to conduct yourself in society, especially when dealing with the likes of government and other corporate agents. It is a peaceful movement and involves taking control of situations instead of letting others decide the outcome for you...

[Caveat:Accepting the limitations of insight for a man living in Canada, readers should expect me to maintain a Canada-based perspective throughout my reflections. However, drawing from American outlooks and from those found in other Commonwealth countries (as this is more or less a global movement) will help me better define Canada’s situation by giving it something to compare to.]