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5 April 2012

In Otherwise Grim State, Zday 2012 Provides Optimism

It is not hard to understand why some people take solace in blissful ignorance. The amount of accessible doom-ridden information depicting the oppression of human rights and freedoms throughout history is disheartening to say the least. Mind you, any truth seeker has surely come to realize that going back to a sheltered, dependent state of mind is futile once a certain threshold of consciousness is transcended. Yes, the enormous hurtles humanity must jump in order to get anywhere may leave the most confident of us feeling hopeless and depressed but there is light on the horizon, a silver lining on the clouds.

Though initially expecting more doom and gloom attending ZDay 2012, I did in fact encounter quite a bit of optimism. The Zeitgeist Movement's annual event promotes awareness of new paradigm developments while reflecting on our current system's degradation. Highlighted below are the event's first three lecturers who spoke on technological advancement, the education paradigm and human survival logistics.