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1 April 2013

The Freeman Perspective 101

As it is April 1st, this may seem like some kind of joke. Sometimes, I wish it was...
If you have the time, this video does an excellent job encapsulating the Freeman perspective. If for no other reason than to understand more about this philosophy in order to seek out ways to debunk it, I urge you brush up on your political & economic history, law and human rights knowledge by watching this film.

In all my research, I have found this film to be one of the best rundowns of the freeman perspective, relating principally to Canada, USA, UK, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa, but argued to be applicable to the rest of world as well. 

Do not trust anything that is being said. On the contrary, if it interests you, take it upon yourself to verify this esoteric information. But above all else, I implore you to critically analyze the ideas that are brought forth in this film and see if anything resonates with you. I for one, expect it might.

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