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11 April 2013

Cronyism Ruining Economy?

Although humanity may not yet be prepared to adopt an alternative economic model, capitalism should not be considered the be-all and end-all of economic systems. Can't we be allowed to think past the confines of capitalism in order to realize the best way for humanity to conduct itself? I believe we can and should but of course, it is foolish for me to think that people in today's modern world could easily support themselves and families without engaging in the capitalist arena. Thus, given that we mainly operate in a capitalist system for the time being, let's try and fix this mess by raising the alarm where attention is needed most! 

As argued in the video below, the problem with capitalism is not so much corporatism but cronyism, i.e. corruption between government and business. Apparently, cronyism flourishes when a centralized state has been given too much power to regulate the economy. It may seem counterintuitive, but to minimize social and ecological harm caused by big businesses (deemed too big to fail or even to prosecute) it is evident that the political power that supports big business must be taken away. How can this be done? Possibly by relieving the government's duty to regulate the economy. 

Maybe, we don't need more laws influenced by big business. Maybe if we supported small businesses, by letting them compete without as many legal constraints (enacted via big-business lobby groups) for example, a greater number solutions to society's problems could manifest themselves

Here's what most of us can agree on: given the uncertain state of the global economy, climate, and political situation, our communities need to foster stronger and more adaptable micro-economies in order to become more resilient. In other words, we need to realize and re-establish the power within our local communities. There are many tools we can use: open-source ecology along with the popular adoption of 3d-printing are promising technological developments. But let's not forget to shine a light on all crony behaviour so as to stamp it out. In doing so, we may allow ourselves a less inhibited potential for survival and happiness.

Do not fear. Take responsibility. Redeem Your Freedom.

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