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20 November 2011

My search for the true story

A few years ago a friend showed me the Zeitgeist movie which was for me, the first real eye opener of some root causes of the socioeconomic turmoil facing humanity today. In case you haven't seen it, here is basically what the film argues:

<< Religious institutions are based on the same story and control society through mass deception
<< 911 was orchestrated so that America could justify its (most recent) war in the Middle East
<< Money = Debt and is created out of thin air by a private foreign corporation

I have often heard the phrase - "take everything with grain of salt." These words are definitely worth taking into consideration whenever coming across something contrary to what you understand to be true. However, what Zeitgeist taught me is that we should probably start challenging our own understanding of truth and being more critical of all media that comes our way. 

At the time of viewing, around 2008, I was captured by Zeitgeist's message and felt no other choice but to investigate further. After all, if what the film says is true, the world I grew up in thinking was real could actually have been an engineered spin of the truth this entire time! I've asked myself: Why would those in charge do this? For our own protection? Or more cynically, to keep us enslaved? 

These are the questions I have increasingly taken time to look into: are we kept in line because of our own ignorance? Maybe it's time for more of us to start seeking the hard truth instead of having it delivered to us in a nicely packaged box.
Fast forward three years and I have studied university courses in history, economics, political science, psychology, sociology, anthropology, human geography, earth science, resource conservation,  astronomy, and more. As it were, I have only become more confident that the bleak outlook expressed in Zeitgeist is not in fact preposterous but truer than I would like to believe. Sadly, I am still (if not more) convinced that most of human existence has been fixed via our negligence to seek and claim freedom. So this is where this blog comes in.

This blog's function is to be an additional resource for those wishing to further inform themselves about esoteric matters, little discussed in school or distorted in the media. The information found from the listed sources tends to be controversial and depressing at times. I urge you to maintain a critical eye and decide for yourself whether or not to believe what is being said. My ultimate goal is to provide those interested with an instrument for further enlightenment whereby each individual can, upon their own initiative, discover a higher consciousness.

Before anything else, know thyself. 

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